State Representative Rene Plasencia agreed to be our Recess Hero in the House again this year, and State Senator (and President Pro Tempore) Anitere Flores is our bill sponsor in the Senate this year. The 2017 companion bills were filed and read as follows:

                                                    A bill to be entitled
An act relating to public school recess; amending s. 1003.455, F.S.; requiring each district school board to provide students in certain grades with a minimum number of minutes of free-play recess per week and with a minimum number of consecutive minutes of free-play recess per day; providing an effective date.

                       Section 1.  Subsection (6) is added to section 1003.455, Florida Statutes, to read:

                1003.455  Physical education; assessment.—
                (6) In addition to the requirements in subsection

                (3), each district school board shall provide at least 100 minutes of supervised, safe,

                and unstructured free-play recess each week for students in kindergarten through

                grade 5 so that there are at least 20 consecutive minutes of free-play recess per day.
                Section 2.  This act shall take effect July 1, 2017.

Unfortunately, a substitute bill was filed in the House which contained language that we can not support.  We only support the language of the Senate version of the Recess bill and that is the bill we ask the Speaker of the House to send to the House floor for a vote.  The progress of the 2017 bills can be tracked by clicking the links found below:

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The Recess Bill